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The fastest way to sing better on stage that will leave a lasting impression is through private voice lessons where in-depth guidance on vocal technique and musicality are tailored to your level of experience so that you can grow and improve at a pace that works best for you. 

I can help you:

  • Fix small issues like pitch and rhythm in a song you're working on

  • Get your voice to sound stronger so that it can be heard on stage

  • Reach notes you are having trouble with when you practice and perform

  • Develop vocal muscles that will withstand high-demand performances

Ideal For:

Professional singers who need to sing back-to-back shows without losing their voice

Beginner singers who want to learn proper technique to sing anything they want

Aspiring performers who want a thriving career with a voice that will book more shows

Singers who make their own music and need to upkeep their technique

Singers who want to reclaim their confidence and vocal skills


Determinded Singer.png

Drop In Lesson
1 Hour Online
$175 per session

Dedicated Singer.png

Bi-Weekly Voice Lessons
1 Hour Online
$210 monthly

Disciplined Singer (2).png

Weekly Voice Lessons
1 Hour Online
$320 monthly

What To Expect

  • Flexible Schedule

  • Customized Lessons

  • Training Materials

  • Invites to Performances

  • Support and Encouragement

What I Teach

  • Vocal Technique

  • Breathing Technique

  • Music Reading

  • Stage Presence 

  • Vocal Health

  • Vocal Strength


To be considered, fill out the application and you will be contacted when availability opens up. Then you will pick a time for your complimentary consultation before you can book your first lesson.

*For reference, I am now located in South Charleston, West Virginia so my time zone is Eastern Standard Time.

Hello! I'm Tina, a singer, dancer, actor, director, choreographer, voice teacher, and performance coach. I'm here to not only help you attract more singing opportunities but to maintain your vocals for back-to-back shows without losing your voice or your health. As a triple-threat performer, I understand that singing and dancing for multiple weeks is a thrilling experience, but to do it at peak level every single night takes willpower and self-discipline to deliver top quality performances. As long as you have the right mindset and resilience to keep trying, you can attain and excel at a skill even if you start from scratch. 

You'll learn how to:

Find your voice

Develop your voice

Strengthen your voice

Main goal for students

To sing professionally on stage and be able to perform at peak level, with more freedom and ease every single time without needing to worry about your voice getting fatigued.

How Private Lessons Work

Private lessons are currently offered online to anyone who wants personalized guidance to help them improve on a specific technique or work on everything related to singing. We meet up 1:1 to train your voice and discuss your specific needs. Students will usually start with vocal warm-ups, then technique exercises, and then sing a song of choice. Taking private lessons is a great way to establish a disciplined plan for vocal growth, stamina, strength, style, and care to prevent injury or fatigue. When given training materials, students are responsible for their own results by putting in decent effort and following through with their training.


When you become a student, you will be given available time slots to choose from, Monday-Saturday. Once you find a time that works for you, all you do is email me to confirm that you want that time frame. 3 months is suggested for those doing weekly or bi-weekly lessons. I believe a consistent training schedule shows the best results in students. If you would like a more flexible schedule, the drop-in lesson is the best choice for busy singers. There is no monthly requirement for drop-in students.


Payment will need to be made in full before a lesson can be reserved.

One-time payment for the drop-in lesson

Monthly subscription for bi-weekly

Monthly subscription for weekly

If payment is not received, the time spot is still open for others to look at and take.

Trial Lesson/New Student

If you are a new student, you will get a complimentary consultation call first before we start scheduling lessons. It's best to know what your personal singing goals are and offer different plans that will serve you the most so that you are happy with the results you will make. After our consultation call and you decide you want to try it, the trial lesson will only be $75 for 1 hour online to see if it is the right fit for you. Payment is due upon booking to secure your spot. After the trial lesson, you will be sent a follow-up email and if you decide to continue and want to become an active student on the roster, you can choose to do drop-in lessons where you can have more schedule flexibility and only book a lesson when you can, reschedule whenever you want, or choose the weekly recurring lessons or bi-weekly lessons (3-month commitment suggested). To become an official student on the active roster, a contract will need to be made with an agreement that you are planning to commit to future lessons. Otherwise, your first lesson will only be a trial lesson.

What's Included:

  • Invites to all performances such as recitals, showcases, and concerts as long as you stay an active student taking regular lessons.

  • Get priority seating for masterclasses and workshops.

  • Get priority spots for occasional dance classes and audition classes

  • Get access to pre-recorded warm-up tracks, practice PDFs, and training materials to advance your technique.

  • Receive unlimited support from me even after lesson appointments.

  • Have priority to see new available time slots before announcing it to the waitlist each quarter if students want to change lesson days or times.

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"Tina has brought such a positive outlook onto singing and how to improve one’s voice. She has encouraged me to work hard and to believe in myself. She is such an amazing and talented singer who has such a bright and bubbly disposition. She is very organized and efficient in her coaching. Tina’s teaching method has your best interest in mind as she creates personal warm ups specifically for your voice. She makes you feel at home and comfortable with yourself/ your voice. Tina is my first voice coach so I might be a little biased, but she has truly created such a safe space for people to improve their voice. I would 100% recommend Tina to all my friends and family. Thank you Tina!!!"


"As an actor first, I always go into musical theatre auditions hoping that casting will just watch me and not listen to me during vocal auditions. The reason why I started voice training was because I wanted to be able to get past those auditions and get called back or 

even push through to the dance call auditions. Since taking Tina’s lessons, I have been able to walk into vocal auditions with more confidence and preparedness with song choices and vocal technique. What I enjoy about taking voice lessons is knowing someone is on your side to cheer you on, prepare you for the musical theatre world, help you where you need help, and converse with a professional who understands the performer’s perspective on everyday life and career drive."

-Sarah V.

"My daughter loves musicals and acting but I’ll just say that singing was not her strong suit. After she got a lead role in her school theater production, I decided to get her singing lessons and 2 months into her lessons there is such a remarkable difference in her singing. My daughter can hold notes longer, has increased her range, hit higher notes, and it has helped her recognize staying on key. She has overall improved dramatically. My daughter loves Miss Tina and she loves the way she teaches. She appreciates her honesty and encouragement. My daughter has learned breathing techniques, compression, and the importance of body language while singing. Miss Tina has an impressive background and is so knowledgeable in her craft. My daughter and I are so grateful for all the skills she has learned. I would highly recommend using Miss Tina for vocal lessons. This has been an awesome and inspiring experience!"

- Dominique

"My favorite part about our lessons is that we have fun and it makes me feel more comfortable, helping with my fear of singing in front of others and general social anxiety. Through the lessons, we have been able to strengthen my voice and reclaim a bit of my range, as well as increase flexibility and bring attention to other physical factors that have been affecting the way I sing. I would recommend Tina to anyone interested in singing confidently, whether it be a new skill you want to explore or one you would like to reclaim."

-Sarah L.

"Tina is amazing! She is very down to earth and knowledgeable about the voice, the physical mechanics of this instrument, and all aspects of singing and song style. I have already seen a huge improvement in the way that I sing utilizing the different registers I've learned by taking lessons with Tina. I appreciate the added value Tina provided by supplying me with vocal exercise recordings to practice during the week in between my scheduled lessons. I would recommend Tina to people of all talent levels who want to sing better and strengthen their voice. She is a true professional with a passion for vocals!"

- Mari O.

"Under Tina's tutelage, we noticed an improvement in my daughter's performance.  Tina allows a good amount of time for warm-ups and then works on a song for an upcoming performance (either for her school choir or virtual concert).  Although Tina really focuses on the technical aspect of singing, she also takes time to work on the performance/interpretation of the song.  Ultimately, we've seen our daughter stretch out not only in her vocal range and technique but in her overall performance as well.

My daughter looks forward to her weekly lessons with Tina and has a lot of fun with her.  We appreciate Tina and highly recommend her!"

- Jerrica

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Jerrica Lesson 2022.png
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Every student is challenged in a positive and encouraging way to facilitate growth and consistency.

Transformation Video

Check out this voice student who came to me wanting to improve her singing so that she can feel confident about her voice and dedicate time to doing more of what she loves. She met up for lessons every week because regular vocal exercise and training is the key to improvement. We both agreed that on the 5th week, she was going to have the song she picked out ready for a performance, singing from beginning to end with no stops. Watch the video to hear how much stronger she sounds and how the way she holds herself is different from the first lesson. 

Musical Theatre Voice Training

Musical Theatre Focused Vocal Training

  • Learn vocal technique, breath control, vocal registers, and endurance to do 6 shows a week. 

  • Learn real audition cuts provided by Regional, Broadway, and National tour auditions.

  • Learn how to read sheet music for callbacks.

  • Create an audition book with appropriate songs perfect for you.

  • Develop musicianship to be seen as a serious singer who can handle quick rehearsal processes.

  • Practice new songs on a regular basis to condition vocal muscles and music-reading skills.

Tina A Chorus Line at Chance Theater.jpg

Triple Threat Training

I'm excited to meet with you and help you on your singing journey. Try out my musical theatre coaching program to enhance your performance skills and book more professional shows. Stand out in the most competitive industry for performers who love singing and dancing.

Set your standards higher and you'll attract more opportunities.

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