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Voice Student Payment and Scheduling Policies

 Consultation Call

FREE 15 minutes chat

Online via Zoom

Trial Lesson

$75 for first-time students

1 hour Online Only

Weekly Recurring Lessons

$420 monthly subscription 

1 Hour Online Only

Bi-Weekly Lessons (every other week)

$320 monthly subscription 

1 Hour Online Only

 Drop-In Lessons 

$250 for 1 Hour Online Only



Training materials personalized to the student

Receive a follow-up email after every lesson

Customized warm-up tracks to help supplement training


Audition Accompaniment Tracks ($30)

Additional 15 minutes to lesson ($15)

*Becoming a student at Tina's Vocal Studio means you will be held to high standards. To be recognized as a voice student here will be beneficial to you when directors call for referrals and recommendations.

Payment Policy 

Every voice student must pay upfront in full for all the weeks they are scheduled for. If payment is not received your lesson spot will be open for others to reserve and subject for removal from the roster.


Payment Options

Students can either pay for all the lessons on their own through the agreed payment methods (Paypal, Zelle, Venmo)

Or I will send a payment invoice if I don't see payment before your first scheduled lesson (Venmo or Square App) Payment must be sent and confirmed before the first lesson of the month.

Scheduling Lessons

Students schedule their lessons by picking time slots provided to them through email. Weekly recurring voice lessons and bi-weekly lessons are on a quarterly basis (3 months). Therefore, availability changes every 3 months. You will be given available option times to choose from for each quarter and then once you pick a time slot you prefer, you will need to do your best to stick to that time frame for at least 3 months. The fastest way to get results is to have a consistent schedule, and students who improve the most at a quicker pace stick to a time frame every week.


If you need to change your spot, please wait until your current 3-month subscription is over, and then ask for new available times.

Consultation Call/ First Lesson for New Students

If you are a new student, you will get a complimentary consultation call first before we start scheduling lessons. It's best to know what your personal singing goals are and offer different plans that will serve you the most so that you are happy with the results you will make. After our consultation call and you decide you want to try it, the first lesson will only be $75 for 1 hour online to see if it is the right fit for you. Payment is due upon booking to secure your spot. After the first lesson, you will be sent a follow-up email and if you decide to continue and want to become an active student on the roster, you can choose to do drop-in lessons where you can have more schedule flexibility and only book a lesson when you can, you can even reschedule whenever you want, or you can do weekly recurring lessons or bi-weekly lessons. To become an official student on the active roster, a contract will need to be made with an agreement that you are planning to commit to future lessons. Otherwise, your first lesson will only be a trial lesson.

Becoming An Official Student

A one-time lesson with no intent to return will not constitute you as an active official student of the studio. Therefore, I am not your established vocal coach or vocal teacher that you can use on your resume until a written agreement is made between you and me, in which we will discuss fees, terms, and conditions. 


Rescheduling Policy

Students can reschedule their lesson time if needed with a preferred 24-hour notice, however, there are only so many spots available for each quarter and if there is absolutely no other time to offer you, you will lose that lesson if you cannot reschedule it within the month you paid for. Every quarter, students are allowed to look at other available time slots and see if they need to adjust their lesson times or not before committing.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel a lesson, you will not get a refund. Students must provide a 24-hour notice or it will count as a no-show or no-call.  After 3 no-shows, and no-calls you will be removed from the active roster and cannot take a lesson at the studio.


Make-Up Lessons

Students can only complete the make-up lesson within the month they have paid for. It cannot roll over to the next month. An email will be sent out to those who need to do make-ups and then there will be time slots to choose from. If you choose to skip or cancel the makeup lesson, that will be your own choice to make with no expectation of a refund or a discount for the next month. Spots are limited and it is first-come first-serve when looking to schedule the make-up lesson. Students still need to give 24-hour notice to let me know they will be missing a lesson otherwise it will count as a canceled no-show, no-call. (Three no-show, no-call will result in removal from the studio)​

  • Can only do the make-up lessons online through Zoom

  • Can only do the make-up lesson within the month you have paid for

  • If you cannot make up your lesson, you will lose that lesson with no refund. 

No-Show, No Call

Three No-Show, No-Call cancellations will result in the removal of your weekly recurring spot, and the student will no longer be able to take private lessons.

Advance Notice to Miss One Week

As a courtesy, students are allowed to omit one lesson out of the month if they absolutely need to go to a family event or other personal obligations. However, in order to make sure you can take out the one lesson but still keep your recurring weekly status, you will need to give one month’s notice (30 days) before your payment period starts at the beginning of each month. Therefore, if you have already paid for the month of lessons, but you need to miss one of the lessons, you will need to make up the lesson or lose a lesson with no refund.


Stay Active Until You Need A Break

Once you take a break, your spot will be given to the next person in line on the waitlist and you will need to apply to the waitlist to return to weekly lessons. You can definitely do a drop-in lesson at your own leisure to remain an active student. After you take a break, you will be on the active student roster to still be invited to performance events, but if you are no longer an active student within 3 months of when a performance invite is supposed to come out, you will not be eligible for an invite. After 3 months of no lessons, your information will be put under "inactive." All services that usually come along with your lessons like audition notices, director referrals, letters of recommendation for colleges, audio warm-up tracks, editing assistance, self-tape feedback, and more will be terminated.


If You Need to Return to Weekly Voice Lessons

If you ever need to return to voice lessons, you will need to go on the waitlist to get the weekly recurring rate and wait until a spot opens up. Your old spot might not be available anymore and I only have a certain amount of time slots set aside for weekly recurring voice students. 

If you are in urgent need of a lesson, you can do the drop-in lesson without needing to go on the waitlist. The waitlist is for anyone who wants to do weekly recurring lessons at a lower rate.


The Active Roster

Students on the active roster have submitted an application and previously signed a contract with Tina’s Vocal Studio. People who have not yet had the opportunity for lessons, are not on the roster, and will not be accepted for drop-in voice lessons or be invited to performances. The perks of being on the active roster at the studio are getting invites to recitals and concerts, receiving audition referrals if you are pursuing musical theater, and priority on lesson availability. 


Holidays and Closures

If your lessons start around a holiday like a winter break at the end of the year, you will be prorated for only the weeks you need to pay for. Students are still required to pay upfront for the rest of their lessons at the beginning of the month but do not need to pay for the weeks that the studio is closed.


  • Students must pay in full for all weekly scheduled lessons. 

  • Students must pay in full for all bi-weekly scheduled lessons.

  • Lessons are not confirmed until payment is received.

  • If you need to change your day/time, please wait until your 3-month commitment is complete and you can request new available times.

  • If you need to reschedule, ask for availability.

  • If you cannot schedule your make up lesson, you will lose that lesson with no refund.

  • If you need to make up your lesson, it needs to be scheduled within the month you paid for.

  • Students will not receive a refund if a lesson is canceled. 

  • 3 No-Show, No-Call will result in removal from the studio.

  • If a student takes a break, their spot will be given to someone on the waitlist and if you ever want to return to weekly lessons, you will need to go on the waitlist to see if any new spots open up.

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