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How I Started

Hello, my name is Tina. I'm a singer, dancer, actor, director, choreographer, voice teacher, and performance coach. I never had the "talent" for singing so I get it when it feels impossible to learn a new skill that doesn't come naturally to you. You can imagine how nervous I was when I went in for my first audition ever. I didn't start taking performing seriously until I was an adult. I was embarrassed any time I would go to community theaters and audition with kids and teens, even though they are really great people. I just felt like I could've done better and to perform at a professional level like other people my age already. However, it's okay to start at a later age because that's how you know if you really want to pursue something or not. 


 It took me many years to overcome my fears and doubts about my abilities before I accepted the fact that I can do this. I used to be shy, insecure, timid, and lacked courage in front of people because I felt like I was too old or too new to the industry to even be in the same room with other people who are insanely talented. Until I was offered my first show at a regional theater in California that not only gave me my first paycheck, but my EMC card as well. That's a huge deal for the musical theatre industry. I am grateful to have trained at New York conservatories to learn vocal performance and my first voice teacher who worked at UCLA taught me everything I needed to know about singing, like how to sing properly and efficiently through the Alexander Technique.

After my first breakthrough with a professional theater, I started getting more and more performance opportunities in other regional, local, and professional theaters performing as a "triple threat." Not only did I train to sing, but I knew I needed more skills for the stage, especially in musical theatre. I started to train in jazz, ballet, and tap to become a well-rounded performer. As someone who had no skills to begin with, I eventually gained a lot of knowledge and experience to do what I love to do! I hope this inspires you to work hard towards your goals, but also go above and beyond so that you are not limited to just singing. You can do more for the stage on top of singing and that is going to make you feel way more empowered on stage.

What do I teach?

As a voice teacher, I am able to guide you with vocal technique through proper warm-ups and targeted exercises. As a voice coach, I'm able to mentor you on performance skills and how to make your singing more dynamic and purposeful.

What about musical theatre coaching?

As an audition coach, I train you to become prepared and ready for musical theatre auditions in more ways than just singing. We don't just work on finding the right songs or fixing your audition book, I am going to guide you on strategies for auditions and business practices that will help you make a living doing musical theatre. 


Teaching voice lessons and offering audition coaching has been a wonderful experience because I understand the challenges and difficulties of trying to become a performer when no one is there to guide you in a world where everyone is just out for themselves. So, I want to help people attain that dream, provide a support system, and guide them in maintaining a career and passion for it. On top of teaching voice lessons, I have been a director and choreographer for not only my own nonprofit theater company but other theaters as well. My hope is that through my teaching, I can help people sing with more strength and stamina by making a vocal practice strategy for each student. Everything I do is personalized to cater to a student's needs. 

How Can You Book A Private Lesson?

If you want more information on how to book a lesson with me, click the button below and it will redirect you to the booking page. 


MT Audition Coaching for Professionals

Weekly Recurring Voice Lessons 

*Online Lessons via Zoom

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Professional Bio

Tina is a professional singer, actress, dancer, and voice teacher based in Southern California. Her educational experience includes graduating with a BA in English Literature from UCLA in 2013, and she also studied at NYU CAP21 Musical Theater Intensive Conservatory in 2011 to excel at performance and auditioning. Tina has studied vocal technique with an instructor at UCLA's musical theatre program. On top of singing, Tina is trained in ballet, tap, and jazz making her an ideal performer for musicals. Her past professional show credits include A CHORUS LINE (Connie Wong) at Sierra Repertory Theatre, The PERFECT CHRISTMAS (Holly), LEGALLY BLONDE (Kate), ANNIE GET YOUR GUN (Ensemble), and THE WIZARD OF OZ (Ensemble) at The Candlelight Pavilion Dinner Theater, THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE (Gloria) at Performance Riverside, JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT (Ensemble) at 3-D Theatricals, THE WHO'S TOMMY (Ensemble) at East West Players, and more. Some theme parks she has performed at are Disneyland as a special events performer and Legoland as a dancer for the show called Monster Jam. After deciding that she wants to change career paths and no longer wants to be a performer herself, she created her own nonprofit theater called Performance and Fun in 2020, a place where other artists can perform free from judgment and pressure. Through this experience, especially with casting and directing shows, she is able to take what she observed and help her voice students go beyond just learning singing techniques to stand out at auditions. 

Learn how she booked all her professional shows from having zero skills, to begin with, and now being offered contracts even without auditioning every day.

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