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Words from My Clients

My favorite part of the week are my voice lessons with Tina. Since working with Tina, I have noticed considerable improvement and strength within my voice in a few months. As an instructor she is fully invested and present with her students. Tina goes above and beyond by sharing valuable golden nuggets of information. As a dancer, I have always been self conscious of my vocal abilities. However under Tina’s direction I am more confident. She has empowered me to use my voice and to discover what has always been wanting to be expressed!


I can't say enough amazing things about Ms. Tina. She has worked with my daughter for some time now and has truly instilled a true love and passion for singing and musical theater in my daughter. Ms. Tina is so organized, so on top of everything, so intuitive to everyones needs and strengths, so smart and knowledgable and just all around a joy to work with. My daughter looks forward to her time with Ms. Tina every single week and we adore her unwavering enthusiasm and beautiful musical talent... we are so lucky to call her our teacher!!


My daughter has been taking lessons with Tina for a couple months. In this time, not only has her voice strengthened, but Tina has really helped her with performance. Before Tina, my daughter was just singing songs. Now, my daughter puts feeling and emotion to the song, which helps her to connect to the audience. Tina has really helped her with her overall confidence and for that I'm extremely grateful. Tina's bubbly personality has a way of turning any frown upside down. 10/10 recommend.


My 9-year-old daughter previously took in-person voice lessons through another vocal coach at the beginning of the year but due to the pandemic, the vocal coach chose to halt the lessons as she did not want to do them via online.  However, we did not want to slow down my daughter's progress so I searched for an alternative.  Through social media, I stumbled upon Tina and we begun online voice lessons with her in July 2020.  Under Tina's tutelage, we noticed an improvement in my daughter's performance.  Tina allows a good amount of time for warm-ups and then works on a song for an upcoming performance (either for her school choir or virtual concert).  Although Tina really focuses on the technical aspect of singing, she also takes time to work on the performance/interpretation of the song.  Ultimately, we've seen our daughter stretch out not only in her vocal range and technique but in her overall performance as well.


Tina is professional and very communicative.  She keeps us updated with upcoming events/performances and sends out reminders.  She's open to share with you your student's progress.  We come from a musical family but when we try to give my daughter advise/tips, it doesn't always resonate with her unless it comes from Tina (vs. nagging from mom & dad).  It's helpful when we are on the same page as the vocal teacher and she is able to provide feedback from a different perspective to both student and parents.


My daughter looks forward to her weekly lessons with Tina and has a lot of fun with her.  We appreciate Tina and highly recommend her!


My daughter loves musicals and acting but I’ll just say that singing was not her strong suit. After she got a lead role in her school theater production, I decided to get her singing lessons and 2 months into her lessons there is such a remarkable difference in her singing. My daughter can hold notes longer, has increased her range, hit higher notes, and it has helped her recognize staying on key. She has overall improved dramatically. My daughter loves Miss Tina and she loves the way she teaches. She appreciates her honesty and encouragement. My daughter has learned breathing techniques, compression, and the importance of body language while singing. Miss Tina has an impressive background and is so knowledgeable in her craft. My daughter and I are so grateful for all the skills she has learned. I would highly recommend using Miss Tina for vocal lessons. This has been an awesome and inspiring experience!


Tina is amazing! She is very down to earth and knowledgeable about the voice, the physical mechanics of this instrument, and all aspects of singing and song style. I have already seen a huge improvement in the way that I sing utilizing the different registers I've learned by taking lessons with Tina. I appreciate the added value Tina provided by supplying me with vocal exercise recordings to practice during the week in between my scheduled lessons. Tina is a treasure, most vocal coaches with this type of talent, on-going vocal study, and caliber are typically found in Los Angeles near the entertainment capital of the world.  I am so fortunate to find her in Orange County. I would recommend Tina to people of all talent levels who want to sing better and strengthen their voice. She is a true professional with a passion for vocals! 

Mari O.

Working with Tina has boosted my confidence and helped to reclaim vocal skills I didn't think I was ever going to get back. My head voice has needed the most work, and Tina has been both patient and understanding throughout. When I've felt discouraged, she has actively gone out of her way to negate those feelings. My favorite part about our lessons is that we have fun and it makes me feel more comfortable, helping with my fear of singing in front of others and general social anxiety. Through the lessons, we have been able to strengthen my voice and reclaim a bit of my range, as well as increase flexibility and bring attention to other physical factors that have been affecting the way I sing. I would recommend Tina to anyone interested in singing confidently, whether it be a new skill you want to explore or one you would like to reclaim.

Sarah L.

Tina has brought such a positive outlook onto singing and how to improve one’s voice. She has encouraged me to work hard and to believe in myself. She is such an amazing and talented singer who has such a bright and bubbly disposition. She is very organized and efficient in her coaching. Tina’s teaching method has your best interest in mind as she creates personal warm ups specifically for your voice. She makes you feel at home and comfortable with yourself/ your voice. Tina is my first voice coach so I might be a little biased, but she has truly created such a safe space for people to improve their voice. I would 100% recommend Tina to all my friends and family. Thank you Tina!!!


As an actor first, I always go into musical theatre auditions hoping that casting will just watch me and not listen to me during vocal auditions. The reason why I started voice training was because I wanted to be able to get past those auditions and get called back or 

even push through to the dance call auditions. Since taking Tina’s lessons, I have been able to walk into vocal auditions with more confidence and preparedness with song choices and vocal technique. What I enjoy about taking voice lessons is knowing someone is on your side to cheer you on, prepare you for the musical theatre world, help you where you need help, and converse with a professional who understands the performer’s perspective on everyday life and career drive. Honestly, breathing exercises (breathing in for 4 and exhaling for 8-10 on a “hiss”) have helped me even beyond lessons and in vocal training. I use these breathing exercises when I’m nervous, low on energy, or anxious about anything in life. Any time anyone asks me for a vocal coach or who teaches me, I direct them to Tina’s Instagram page or email!

Sarah V.

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