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Belt Like a Broadway Star!

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The best singing course for belters

Go from being a mediocre singer to a powerhouse belter in just a day!

Ever wanted to belt like the singers on Broadway? Maybe you're already living the dream performing on stage, but you need more training on the belting technique to take you to the next level. 

In this singing course, you'll find a step-by-step guide on how to develop your belt the correct way so that you can sing powerfully in a healthy and safe way.


The biggest concern I hear from singers when they learn to belt is that they keep getting throat tension or worse, they always lose their voice right before opening night!

I get it, tech rehearsal is tough for everyone. Yet, you should NEVER need to mark your vocals before opening night. Your vocal cords need to experience the intensity of the show to build strength. If you always mark your vocals, it can never learn what it's like to sing with power. It will always limit itself and live in fear.


So, what if I showed you the exact steps to developing a strong belt and a way to preserve those precious vocal cords? 

Belting CAN be done safely

Many singers have to cut their dreams short because they incorrectly belt for too long and then the consequences of that is losing their voice or have their vocal range be shortened due to the damage that has been done. I want to make sure singers like you can belt anything you want, as high as you want, without experiencing vocal issues. ​


Imagine singing all those Broadway showtunes without the fear of losing your voice ever again. You could be one of those singers on the internet who can bust out the high belts and post it like a superstar. Even better, you can finally choose "hard" songs that will become easy for you to sing now that you have conquered the technique of belting.

You want to sing harder songs, but you're scared...

I hear so many singers say they are scared when they try to belt. If you were shown the right way to do it, would you still be scared? Your fear is actually hurting your voice more than you realize.

Fear causes your muscles to tighten. We can't go into this technique with your fear being in the way.

Maybe you're scared of singing the wrong note. I'll show you how to belt in tune.

Maybe you're scared of hurting your throat.

I'll show you how to get your sound to be in the mask of your face away from your throat.

Maybe you're scared of practicing for hours.

You don't have to. I'll show you how to belt by placing your voice in a way that is safe and healthy without needing to warm up for hours.

My method incorporates vocal therapy exercises and contemporary vocal techniques to achieve BELTING IN A SAFE WAY.


You don't have enough time in the day to go to a private lesson to figure it all out. 

All the warm ups and vocal exercises you need are RIGHT HERE in this neat little course. 

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Did I mention this course is self-paced?


That way you don't feel pressured to finish it when you can't. You live a busy life, but you can still achieve this technique sooner than booking hours of private lessons.

Here's what you get...

  • ​18 instructional videos

  • 3 vocal warm up tracks

  • 8 technique exercise tracks

  • 3 cool down tracks

  • 1 song example track 

  • PDF vocal health guide

All videos and tracks are designed to be in the order to set up the healthiest way for belting powerfully. Tracks are available for both male and female voices.

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Tired of looking at YouTube How-To videos...and still strain your throat when you try to belt on your own?

That's because those exercises are not supported with the proper technique. You need to be able to sing WITHOUT the fear of doing it wrong.

I have it all here for you, in the right steps so that you can belt with more FREEDOM and EASE. 

Are you ready?

The dream you had of singing on stage is closer than you think. Belting is a technique that has allowed many singers to book their first professional shows. 

Becoming a belter is achieved by years and years of intense vocal training. A belter has healthy vocal technique, proper vocal placement, correct breath control, and excellent acting skills to justify the right amount of belting in a song.

By taking this course, you become a POWERHOUSE BELTER.

So if you are ready to take that leap, to live the dream you want, and to finally be able to belt high notes, click the button below and complete the order.

Once you complete the order, go ahead and access all the videos and audio files in the course that will lead you to a better and healthy way of belting powerful songs. 

Sneak Peek Inside the Course

  • Learn how to belt in a safe way through my approach with vocal therapy exercises.

  • Easily access the technique with easy-to-follow instructions and audio tracks.

  • Achieve the ability to effortlessly sing high notes with power without throat tension.

  • Get access to the course for life after purchasing.

See It For Yourself

Here's my voice student doing an amazing job working through a belt section of a song.

All sales are final and due to the nature of the product, there will be no refunds after payment is completed.

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