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Upcoming Events

  • Spring Virtual Vocal Recital 2023
    Apr 02, 5:00 PM EDT
    Experience the thrill of live music as talented student singers take the stage and share their passion through song. Witness their courage as they perform the song they have been working hard on during lessons for the past few months.


For this recital, the studio is showcasing current voice students who have been taking lessons for the past few months and worked hard on their song of choice. There are a variety of student singers, from beginner to seasoned performers. You may hear songs in the style of pop, jazz, musical theatre, R&B, and more. 


Join us for an evening of fun, games, and Q&A, while supporting these courageous performers.


For this event, we will be doing prize giveaways throughout the duration of the show. All singers who are performing LIVE and any audience member who bought a ticket with a raffle option, will be entered to win a prize.




1. Studio Tote Bag

2. USB Microphone

3. $100 Gift Card 


*All prizes can only be sent to those in the United States.



  • To win a prize, each participant will need to have at least ONE raffle by either paying for a show ticket or if you are a voice student, singing live at the recital.

  • To claim your prize if chosen, you must be present at the event the entire time since the final prize will be announced at the very end. We will go through a sorting bowl with everyone’s name or ticket number in it and announce a winner in real-time during the show.

  • If a prize is not claimed after I announce it, we will sort through the bowl again for another winner.

  • Once a prize is claimed, we will contact you through the email address that was used to purchase the ticket. Voice students will be contacted through their email on file with the studio.

  • If someone has already won a prize, they cannot win another prize if their name gets chosen again.

PRICE OPTIONS with/without raffle

Admission with no raffle $5

Admission (1 automatic raffle ) $10

Admission + 1 extra raffle (2 raffles) $15

Admission + 2 extra raffles (3 raffles) $20

Admission + 3 extra raffles (4 raffles) $25

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