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This planner is designed for Musical Theatre singers and dancers to keep track of their auditions, callbacks, and offers. In order to continue a thriving career in the theater industry, logging what works and what doesn't makes a huge difference in how you approach auditions. Stand out from the crowd by being more prepared and ready at all times with this planner. 



  • Audition Checklist
  • Audition Tracker
  • Audition Prep
  • Audition Practice
  • Callbacks Tracker
  • Callbacks Prep
  • Callbacks Practice
  • Offers Tracker
  • Audition Log
  • Weekly Audition Schedule 
  • Weekly Audition Reflection
  • Monthly Audition Schedule
  • Monthly Audition Reflection
  • Yearly Audition Schedule
  • Yearly Audition Reflection
  • 100 Days Audition Challenge
  • Audition Expense Tracker
  • Notes Page

Musical Theatre Audition Planner Bundle

  • Downloadable PDF

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