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Are you tired of NOT BOOKING the shows you're auditioning for?

Do you struggle with booking any shows even though you went to almost every audition in town?

Do you walk into an audition and feel completely unprepared and start shaking when you go to sing in front of people, completely destroying your chances?

One great way to make sure your auditions are successful is by staying READY. Any last-minute practice or preparation will NOT help you book the show. 

You book MORE when you show up ready, from the way you sing your song to the way you are dressed. First of all, you need to get the callback. The chances for you to get a callback increase when you sing your audition song with confidence and excellence. That comes from preparation. 


Book your next audition with this FREE Audition Prep Checklist (musical theater).

Stop worrying about whether or not you forgot something on audition day.

Stop stressing about your audition song if you know how to prep it.

Leave your house with ease of mind by knowing you have all your materials in order.

Enjoy the audition process more when you know exactly what to do.

I'm Tina, a musical theater triple threat who went from zero skills to booking shows and getting roles offered to me even when I'm not auditioning. 


I used to get really embarrassed when I'm not prepared for an audition. I end up forgetting the lyrics, the rhythm of the song, the lines I need to read, and the dance steps. However, the more I prepared for my auditions, the better my chances were of getting a callback. Once I get the callback, I do the best that I can to show that I'm right for the job.

Set your standards higher, and you'll attract more opportunities.

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