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Hello! My name is Tina, and I'm here to help you with musical theatre auditions and singing techniques. The goal is to help you attract more singing opportunities so that you can be on stage more often and sing back-to-back shows without losing your voice or your health. As a triple-threat performer who has worked at paid regional theaters, dinner theaters, and theme parks such as 3D-Theatricals, Sierra Repertory Theatre, East West Players, and Candlelight Pavilion Dinner Theater, I understand that singing and dancing for multiple weeks is a thrilling experience, but to do it at peak level every single night for an audience is another story. Just like athletes, professional singers need strengthening and conditioning to sing on stage with more power and stamina. As long as you have the willpower and resilience to keep working hard, you can attain and excel at a skill even if you start from scratch. 

Set your standards higher and you'll go far beyond your limitations.

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Private coaching is the fastest way to get the help you need to achieve your performing goals. There are two 1:1 services that you can choose from, either vocal technique training (voice lessons) or my audition coaching program for musical theatre. All private coachings are catered to help singers become high-level performers so that they can develop true dedication to their craft and mastery of their skills allowing them to sing stronger and longer for the stage.

(All private coachings are currently taking place ONLINE via Zoom)

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Triple Threat Coaching

Musical Theatre

Audition Prep

Singing Self Tapes

Dance Training

Acting for Song

Career Guidance

Audition Etiquette

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Vocal Technique Training

Music Fundamentals

Pitch Training


Breath Control

Balanced Voice

Expand Vocal Range

Vocal Stamina



Lessons are catered to each person's unique needs and specific goals. All skill levels and learning styles are welcome. 


Students can trust that their experience will go beyond their expectations and continue to have consistent support even after their sessions.


Feedback and advice are genuine and sincere, making sure students get the truth about their growth and progress.

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Every successful person stands on a foundation of effort and discipline.

It's one thing to know how to sing, it's another to have strength, stamina, and style.

Are you ready to start your singing training?

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Musical Theatre 

Do you have an audition coming up? Try out a DROP-IN session to work on any audition materials you need help with. I can help you with acting out your song, picking new songs for your book, learning harmonies for callbacks, give you feedback about your self-tapes, provide career consultation, look for open calls for you, and so much more. Anything related to auditions!

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Performance Opportunities

Whether you want to sing on stage more often or create a career out of it, it is POSSIBLE  for you to attain it.

As long as you put in the work and have the patience to see it come true, it will happen.

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At the vocal studio, performances such as recitals and concerts will be available for students with the purpose of creating a space that will encourage singers to perform in front of others and have a sense of community. Throughout the year, there are a variety of ways for singers to perform.

If you want to perform and build your experience, become a student today to get on the roster for those invites. Only students on the active roster will receive an invitation to sign up.

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Student Success

Sarah booked two professional paid shows back to back at a regional theater in CA and now she is experiencing what it's like to make a living doing musical theatre.

Learn more about how this student made it happen through my coaching method.

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