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Audition BOOK IT 

Audition BOOK IT is a service to help musical theatre performers find the right songs to fit their vocal talents, dance abilities, and acting skills. 

Whatever show you've been dreaming to be in, let's book it!

Audition Book Revamp

New you, new songs!


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Thanks for ordering!

Why Audition BOOK IT?

Many musical theatre performers are talented, but get overlooked from casting due to their lack luster song options in their audition book. After meeting with me, you'll be refreshed with new songs that fits you best AND you'll get personalized sheet music cuts so that you don't have to spend time making them yourself. Your book will look FABULOUS.

This is for you if:

  • You've been singing the same song over and over with no results.

  • You are aging out of your audition songs and need help finding new ones to best represent who you are NOW as a performer.

  • Your songs don't showcase your strengths or challenge you to be better.

  • Your book is a complete disaster with papers flying everywhere anytime you open it. 

  • You have no time to sit down and research new songs because you are trying to survive your day jobs to pursue your theater career. 

What's included?

  • Get a 30-minute consultation online through Zoom with me so I can better understand your voice and audition goals.

  • Receive a list of 20-25 song suggestions to fill up each category (Golden Age, Contemporary, Sondheim, Jukebox etc...).

  • Pick 3 songs you like from the list and I'll create personalized audition cuts for you to print (32, 16, and 8 bar cuts).

  • Receive guidance on how to organize your book with table of contents and title pages for each song.

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What is an audition book?

An audition book is where a musical theatre performer has a selection of songs that are shortened to sing at auditions in front of casting. It is how you represent yourself and your vocal abilities in order to be considered for a musical. This book is usually a solid color binder with about 12 songs in it, depending on what type of roles you want to go for. These songs range from Golden Age to Contemporary musicals.


What happens if I don't know what my vocal range is?

I can test your range by asking you to sing some scales.

How many songs do I get after meeting with you?

You will receive a list of 20-25 songs to choose from. Then you will choose 3 songs from the list that you like and I will create audition cuts for you, meaning I will purchase sheet music in the key you want and mark the music with where you want to sing. Everything will be personalized so that your audition cut is exactly how you want it to be when you go to sing it.

Can kids and teens do this service?

Yes, as long as the parent or legal guardian is the one filling out the application with the name and email of the adult and the adult needs to be paying for the service, not the child. When communicating, the email needs to be with an adult parent or legal guardian. I will not communicate directly with anyone under 18 years old. 

Will this guarantee I get picked for a show?

No, this is purely educational, and I will do my best to help you make an organized and professional book. That is all. I cannot control casting and I do not know exactly what each theater's preferences are when it comes to casting for their shows. 

Dream of being in musicals? Let's make it happen.

Drop-In Audition Coaching

A single session to ask for guidance on auditions, like working through new materials, fixing any vocal issues, acting out a song, finding theater auditions, resume consulting, career concerns, learning callback materials, self-tape feedback, and anything related to auditions. 


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