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Musical Theatre Email Newsletter

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Drop-In Availability

Get to know when drop-in availability occurs for those who are interested in doing the drop-in audition coaching packages. Since schedule is limited, availability is different every month.

Special Deals 

Be the first to know about special deals on courses and workshops in the future. Sometimes, I will come up with new services to help musical theatre performers, and anyone on the email list will know about it first before I post about it to the public. Usually, email subscribers will get a discount and then rates will increase for those who are not on the email list.

Industry Tips

Get occasional tips about the industry to help you better navigate the theater career. Audition advice will also be included from time to time.

Are you a musical theatre performer?

Join my email list and get access to specials deals exclusive to subscribers such as musical theatre courses, workshops, and lessons. Get occasional tips and tricks about the industry and be the first to know about drop-in schedule availability. 

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