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Audition Audit

Receive professional feedback on your musical theatre singing audition self-tape without needing to book a 1:1 lesson. Great for busy performers who want to make sure their audition videos are ready for submission. 



Feedback Video

Written Notes

How long will this take:

Depending on when you paid for the service and how urgent your audition is, it can be done within 72 hours.

How long is the feedback video?

It will range anywhere from 8-10 minutes. 

What kind of video do you need to send:

  • Send in any singing audition self-tape video, whether it's for musical theatre or other singing auditions.

  • Videos can be as long as the audition requires

  • Explain to me what the audition is for

  • Explain to me when the audition deadline is

  • Upload the video to either your Google Drive or Youtube and provide me with the LINK to the video.

What I'll be taking notes on:

  • Lighting

  • Background

  • Camera 

  • Audio

  • Acting Choices

  • Singing Technique


Once you receive your Audit, you will:

  • Know what to do to adjust your self-tape to make it more professional.

  • Learn what simple changes you can make to your performance to attract more attention from casting.

  • Receive customized vocal exercises if needed 

  • Get feedback on what is not working and what to take out to make sure you look and sound professional.

  • Gain a sense of direction on how to film your self-tapes so that you feel good about them and send them out for more casting calls.


This is for you if you’re looking to:

  • Get more success through self-tape submissions

  • Get personalized feedback but not ready for 1:1 meeting

  • Receive genuine advice from a professional 

After you make the adjustments:

  • This is OPTIONAL. You get to re-film your self-tape and send it back to me for ONE more audit after you make the adjustments. I'll call this the "Adjustment Audit."

  • If you are satisfied with your initial feedback, you do not need to refilm if you do not want to, but the offer is available. (cannot roll over to a new audition video)

Note: Due to the nature of this product and the time that is spent on creating genuine feedback for every person, there will be no refunds.

This service will be limited . Therefore, I will be closing this service from time to time. 

Personalized Audition Singing Self-Tape Audit 

Each video submission is $50

Check ONE of the boxes below before proceeding.

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PLEASE READ: Disclaimer and Conditions

Although you will be getting honest and professional feedback from me to help you with your auditions, this does not mean I am officially YOUR private coach. Until a written agreement is made between client and coach where we work 1:1 exclusively for a period of time, feedback through this feature is purely educational. A one-time audit with no intent to become an official client will not constitute you as an active student of the studio. Therefore, I am not your established vocal coach or vocal teacher that you can use on your resume until an official coaching session is agreed upon.

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What is an audition self-tape?

Since I mainly coach for musical theatre, an audition self-tape is usually a video where you sing a short part of a song that the theater is requesting for you to send in if you want to be considered for a role in a show. Most casting calls will put directions on their website on what song they need, what style, and for how long. 


What happens if you need more feedback?

You can pay again for another audit if you need more feedback.

How much feedback do you get with this service?

Every time you do this, you get TWO audits. The first one is for the first time I watch your video. The second time is for when you made the adjustments after receiving my notes, re-film it, send it in again, and get the final feedback for your audition video. Make sure you re-film it in a timely manner so that you don't miss the audition deadline.

Can kids and teens send in audition videos and get feedback?

Yes, as long as the parent or legal guardian is the one filling out the application with the name and email of the adult and the adult needs to be paying for the service, not the child. When communicating, the email needs to be with an adult parent or legal guardian. I will not communicate directly with anyone under 18 years old. 

Will this guarantee I get picked for a show?

No, this is purely educational feedback that will help make your video more professional and engaging. That is all. I cannot control casting and I do not know exactly what each theater's preferences are when it comes to casting for their shows. 

Can I send in a video for feedback, even if it is not for an audition?

Yes, you can! If you just want to get professional feedback from me, you can send it in. As long as it is a singing video, whether it was from a past audition or not, I'm happy to watch it and give feedback. 

Try a DROP-IN coaching session to get immediate help with an audition coming up.
  • 60-minute 1:1 coaching online
  • Recorded meeting so you can re-watch your session
  • Receive written notes and a follow-up email with advice on what to do next to help you succeed
  • $175 per session 
Ready for 1:1 Coaching?
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